Fraud Returns To Bankia And CaixaBank Customers

Already several months old as the new CaixaBank, arising from the merger of this entity with Bankia, several clients have once again alerted a fraud that put more than one user in check in times of turmoil about what the new bank would be like. An SMS that can also be presented in the form of a call and which attempts to steal personal data, as well as confidential information with bank accounts.

Either asking you to verify your information , alleging a false charge or referring to a security breach , one of the most repeated scams in recent years is trying to get information that gives access to bank accounts. A process against which the police and the supplanted companies constantly try to eradicate, but which this time has come to light again.

Again with CaixaBank, cybercriminals try to impersonate this entity to confuse users who are still somewhat clueless with the changes after the merger . With an SMS as the most common form , this message leads to a link that appears to be from the bank but actually leads to a fraudulent web page.

Once inside, the user is asked for the personal passwords to correct the error, but since this does not exist, by giving them, he is giving free access to all his confidential information. With the account in their possession, the cybercriminal takes the opportunity to steal money, blackmail or obtain highly relevant data for future operations.

Cybercriminals have already enhanced these scams to the point where the SMS arrives on the bank’s message list
In addition, CaixaBank has made reference to the fact that the fraud arrives with an SMS in the list of previous messages from the bank. An improvement that these types of scams have achieved to appear more real and on what it is convenient to pay close attention to not fall into the trap.

Tips not to fall for these scams
For this reason, both affected companies and the police recommend always being very attentive, distrusting all these types of messages and always contacting the bank to verify if what has arrived is 100% real. Likewise, a call is made to put it on notice and report it in case the fraud attempt reaches adults.

If, on the other hand, the false url has been entered and personal data has been given, it is best to quickly call the entity to block the personal account and solve the error. Reporting to the police can be a way to recover personal data or stolen money, but in many cases it becomes a real problem since cybercriminals operate from very remote countries.

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