If You Have Been Denied Minimum Living Income In Spain

Approximately two-thirds of the requests to collect the Minimum Living Income are denied. Although most are due to reliable reasons (especially not complying with the income or equity limits), the truth is that the citizen has the right to appeal the resolutions of the Social Security.

It has been the body itself that has informed of this right through its profile of attention to citizens on the social network Twitter . Social Security can take its time if necessary: ​​it has up to six months to respond to the citizen’s request.

Before that deadline or just on the deadline, Social Security can deny the application. In the same way, if no communication takes place, the request will be understood to be denied also according to that administrative silence.

That is where the path of claim begins. As established by the law regulating social jurisdiction in its article 71, the citizen has a period of 30 days to write a claim in which, indicating their personal data, the origin of the claim, the allegations and the recipient of the claim. claim.

In addition, the Social Security has a section of procedures in which you can make claims about denials of the Minimum Vital Income and various procedures pertaining to other benefits.

Once the claim is made and delivered, the Social Security has a period of 45 days to answer. As in the first request, you can respond to the claim (accepting or denying the benefit) or let the deadline run out without a response, so that it is understood that based on that administrative silence the denial of the first request is ratified.

You can also start over: request the IMV again
However, the citizen has another option to proceed when they have been denied the Minimum Income. It is simply a question of reapplying for the benefit . Instead of complaining, it is about starting the process from the beginning.

This has an advantage, since it allows, in case of a new refusal, to claim the Social Security and gain an extra opportunity to get the aid. The problem is that here the times are longer: compared to 45 days of response to a claim, the agency has up to six months to respond to a request.

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