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photographic exhibitions in museums and galleries. At first he concealed his origins to avoid the stigma of being from the suburbs , but later he realized that he was proud to be from the neighborhood and did not have to hide. That is precisely what his debut film, ‘Chavalas’, speaks of , a generational and traditional comedy that is responsible for dynamiting prejudices towards the periphery with honesty and freshness.

“The audiovisual has approached the neighborhood in three ways. The first, showing the dark and dodgy part, the world of drugs and crime. The second, using ridicule to mess with the chonis, the fins and the Joshuas. The third, through the capitalization that music and urban fashion have meant. I wanted to get away from the three, ”says the director from the Malaga Festival where the film competes in the official section.

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‘Chavalas’ takes the point of view of Marta (Vicky Luengo), who left for Barcelona to find a life as a photographer. However, it does not finish finding its place. On the one hand, she denies her roots, on the other, she does not feel comfortable in the environment in which she moves, where relationships are superfluous and discriminatory. Nor can she find her artistic path and she feels misunderstood.

Lower the fumes
After being fired, she will have to return home and meet up with her friends, Desi (Carolina Yuste), Bea (Elisabet Casanovas) and Soraya (Ángela Cervantes) . Marta’s air of superiority will clash with the sincerity and spontaneity of her inner circle, which will make her realize the contradictions into which she has fallen. And, as the director says, “how necessary is it to say things to your face to lower your fumes.”

Carol Rodríguez wrote the script for ‘Chavalas’ with her sister Marina . They wanted to make a bright film about their neighborhood, about its people, to be able to pour into it all the memories of their childhood and adolescence, to talk about the ties that are created and how they vary over time, but are never destroyed.

“We wanted to talk about our family, our environment, the bank where we spent the afternoons, the neighbors sunbathing on the porch, our friends,” continues the director. The result? A non-posture film about female friendship.

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In ‘Chavalas’ there are practically no male characters. Artificial love plots are not necessary because, as Carol Rodriguez says emphatically, “women do not need anyone to help us make decisions, solve our problems, live fully.” “We are self-sufficient both to screw it up and to succeed . “

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