Audio-Technica’s New Wireless Headphones Last 60 Hours On One Charge

Audio-Technica has presented its new wireless headphones for Spain, the ATH-S220BT, and they stand out for their battery life.

Not long ago, Audio-Technica itself renewed its most popular wireless headphones, the ATH-M50xBT2 , a new version of one of its most legendary models. Today’s launch is something different, a smaller, discreet and cheaper headphones , priced at just 69 euros.

Even so, Audio-Technica assures that the ATH-S220BT have an “exceptional” audio reproduction quality, the result of the developments in sound quality that it has been doing since its founding in 1962. According to the company, they offer a “powerful sound”. and realistic “from any source.

That’s because these headphones can be paired with all kinds of devices; And if it is an Android, they are compatible with fast pairing that allows us to join them with just one touch. We can also pair them with several devices at the same time, without having to change from one to the other manually.

The connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0, (although we can also connect them by cable) and draws attention to a low latency mode that better synchronizes what we see on the screen with what we hear, something especially important to enjoy movies or video games. They are also compatible with Siri and Google Assistant, allowing us to access voice recognition with the push of a button; It includes the usual functions, such as receiving notifications, sending messages, and controlling audio playback. The headphones will also talk to us to indicate the pairing and the battery level.

On the latter, Audio-Technica promises 60 hours of duration, something striking considering that they are not large or heavy headphones. They have fast charging, with which we can get 3.5 hours of use with 10 minutes plugged in through its USB-C connection.

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