IAM Works On Access To The Labor Market For Rural Women

The general director of the Aragonese Institute for Women (IAM), María Goikoetxea, has affirmed that rural women “suffer structural violence that has to do with their difficulty in accessing a job” and has ensured that in her department not only It fights against “glass ceilings”, but also against “sticky soils that cause inequality in rural areas”.

Goikoetxea has pronounced like this during his appearance before the Institutional and Statutory Development Commission of the Courts of Aragon, where he has informed at the request of the Citizens group about the measures that the IAM plans to apply for the benefit of women living in the middle rural.

In this sense, he explained that in 2021 the second Strategic Plan for Women and Men has been launched, which includes actions such as promoting the figure of shared ownership of agricultural and livestock farms and training workshops, the Aragonese Parliament has reported in a press release.

Other measures it contains are the promotion of the incorporation of women in the field of management in companies and cooperatives and the creation of an interactive map to learn about the entrepreneurial initiatives of women in Aragon.

The general director of the IAM has detailed that the second main axis of action is to eradicate violence against women. In his view, “the best way to prevent violence is to bet on equality.”

Bet on rural women
The deputy for Citizens, Beatriz García, stressed that this body should continue to bet on the employment of rural women within its main lines of action and has ensured that inequalities in the rural world are “more exacerbated” than the urban environment, to demand policies that allow the personal and professional development of women.

The PSOE deputy, Darío Villagrasa, has argued that the Aragonese rural environment “is also committed to equality” because “women are in conditions of inequality within society, but there are environments or realities in which their difficulties increase” .

The PP parliamentarian, Mar Vaquero, has stressed that women in rural areas “continue to have greater difficulty in achieving equality and accessing certain services” and pointed out that Spain “has worsened in equality and leads the rate of destruction of female employment “.

The representative of Podemos, Itxaso Cabrera, explained that rural women “are key agents to achieve economic, social and environmental changes in sustainable development in Aragon.” “The main premise must be to achieve effective equality between men and women and continue working on it every day,” he claimed.

Tragic summer
The CHA deputy, Carmen Martínez, has shown joy because “this session begins with an appearance by the IAM, after the tragic summer we have had with sexist violence,” while ensuring that if there were no abusers, “no there would be victims of violence. ”

On the part of VOX, its deputy David Arranz has stated that there are measures “that we defend to fight against depopulation and emptied Spain, although we understand that the needs of the rural population do not differ between men and women.”

The parliamentarian of the PAR, Jesús Guerrero, recalled that in Aragon there is “an extensive, aging and largely rural population” and has defended any “action taken in the direction of establishing a population in rural areas.”

The IU deputy, Álvaro Sanz, has deemed it necessary “to facilitate that women can live with dignity wherever they decide to do so, through public services and work or economic activity that allows them to do so.” “We have to introduce in all areas of the Administration a perspective that demands beyond the management of funds,” he added.

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