New Benchmark In OLED TVs, The 55-Inch LG G1

The new range of LG OLED televisions is already available in Spain, and again it is planted as the main alternative in image quality.

We can already say that OLED technology, in general, has become the main option for buyers, thanks to its main advantages: perfect blacks, high contrast, good brightness and a wide range of colors. The 55-inch G1 that I have been able to use for a few weeks has all of that, so in that sense, there are no surprises; in fact, that’s perhaps the biggest flaw, if it can be called that.

Where this generation really stands out is in taking advantage of OLED’s own advantages , and extending them beyond what we already expect in any television with that technology.

Great image quality
LG knows very well why we would want to buy an OLED TV, so it focuses on them. As a result, the image of the G1 is simply spectacular, no matter what type of content we are playing. Blacks are deep, and that may be the first thing that catches your eye; how in the dark scenes, everything seems to be more real. But personally, the aspect that really caught me was the color treatment; not in vain, it covers 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum , so in no case will we miss anything that the filmmaker has come up with.

Speaking of which, this is one of the televisions that include a “Filmmaker Mode”, a filmmaker’s mode; in fact, the system automatically detects if we have put a film and adapts the image. It is a joy to see that the terrible ‘soap opera’ effect that we see on other televisions is not activated, and the original image is respected.

That does not mean that impact is lost, far from it, thanks in large part to the exceptional brightness, which allows this TV to support HDR Dolby Vision IQ , HDR 10 Pro and HLG Pro; And you can also apply HDR effect to content that does not have that additional information in the image. The TV will automatically switch to the appropriate mode depending on the video we play.

Obviously, all this means that the G1 performs better when we put on one of the latest Hollywood blockbusters and unleash the amount of technologies and functions it includes; On the other hand, television or streaming content is not able to take advantage of the ‘hardware’ and as a result, it does not look as good as perhaps expected, although we can watch videos from YouTube and any other service without problems.

To compensate, LG has implemented Artificial Intelligence technologies, for which it has already become famous; The AI ​​Image Pro is an option, which is activated automatically in some modes and is able to improve the resolution and clarity of the image , using the intelligent 4K? 9 Gen4 processor.

As this television is 4K resolution, that means that it can take content at 1080p resolution, for example, and increase it to native 4K ; the result varies greatly depending on the video, and in some cases it is not uncommon to find imperfections or interference in the image, but it is a better result than seeing a blurred image.

The moment you really find out you’ve made the right purchase is when you put in a movie with native HDR and 4K. This is when the brightness of the autoluminescent pixels, the contrast in dark scenes and the sharpness of the image are most noticeable.

Exceptional for games
The G1 is also a good television for video games; the OLED panel allows for very low response times (the time it takes for each pixel to change), which translates into a less blurry moving image, something especially important in fast games. The G1 has a dedicated game mode, so we don’t have to change anything else; we just have to connect our console to enjoy this quality.

To this is added the frequency of 120 Hz (the number of times the image changes in each second); This is something that you will not really notice in the menus or in the movies, but that is essential for a good ‘gaming’ experience. The G1 supports adaptive frequency, AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync technologies; in fact, LG boasts of having the only television certified by both . As a result, it is able to avoid the ‘split screen’ effect, whether we are using a gaming computer or connecting an Xbox Series X console.

All this would be useless if the G1 suffered from one of the biggest problems with 120 Hz televisions: the lack of a connection capable of supporting them. The G1 has an HDMI 2.1 connection , the new standard that allows you to take advantage of modern consoles. There is also support for VRR, ALLM and eARC. We have no less than four HDMI 2.1 ports, in addition to fiber optic input and three USB 2.0 ports for our devices. In a matter of wireless connections, we have Bluetooth 5.0, WiFi 5, and compatibility with Air Play 2.

Extremely fine
It is truly amazing that there is so much in so little space. The G1 is a very slim television, designed to be hung directly on the wall as if it were a painting (in fact, the screensaver shows works of art).

However, that assumes that the TV is sold without a stand, and this must be purchased separately; the one that I have been able to use is very elegant and fits discreetly with any decoration.

Seen from the front, the G1 is practically a floating image; the edges are minimal, and even though they exist, you don’t really notice them once you get caught in the picture. Yes, the lower edge is more noticeable, mainly because there is a small tab with the LED indicator (which only lights up if the device is off); but otherwise, there are not many distractions and therefore there is little to talk about when it comes to the design of the G1.

WebOS evolves
As usual in LG, the G1 does not use Android TV or any of its ‘flavors’, but continues to bet on WebOS, a system that has already reached the sixth version. We find some important differences compared to the previous ones, but it is still a complete and easy-to-use system, although some options are still somewhat ‘hidden’.

The main screen tries to be as agnostic as possible, showing content from all the platforms and services we are subscribed to. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, DAZN, or any other, we can find out about new releases or releases that might interest us. That can be very useful, but it can also quickly become a ‘hodgepodge’ of content that we are not interested in; LG’s AI will learn over time, and because of that, at first it is quite possible that it will show us things that we would never see.

Of course, we have access to the apps of all the services that we could imagine; In addition to those already mentioned, we have Twitch, YouTube, and more pre-installed, with many more available through the store. We can also choose between two personal assistants, Alexa and Google Assistant.

WebOS is also characterized by its control method. Although we can use the usual buttons, the remote control also has a wheel, which allows us to switch between the different options. In addition, the controller itself can be used to control a cursor, as if it were a computer; it is somewhat complicated, and in the long run I prefer to use the buttons, but it is one more available option.

An exceptional TV
The LG G1 is one of the best TVs on the market, but you probably already knew that. What you may not have been aware of is the high level that LG has reached with this generation; We are not facing a revolution precisely, especially compared to the last generation, but as LG claims, this is its best OLED of all time. And before that, it is difficult to say more.

The price of the LG G1 starts from 2,038 euros for the 55-inch version.

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