Work On Caleido Park, New Lung In North Of Madrid, Is Finished

Caleido has handed over to the Madrid City Council this Monday the park that will become the new green area in the north of the city. It is more than three hectares in size and will be for public use .

“We are very proud to be part of one of the most important projects in Madrid and thereby contribute to making Madrid greener and more sustainable,” said Alberto Muñoz, CEO Inmobiliaria Espacio. The park has an area of ​​33,647.28 m2 and has been designed for use by locals who will be able to enjoy different outdoor activities in it .

For this, it has green areas that include living areas, areas for practicing sports, zip lines, spaces for art and leisure, children’s areas and areas for walks, with paths that enter and connect with the commercial area of ​​Caleido forming a perfectly integrated whole.

In addition, the Delegate of Works and Equipment of the Madrid City Council, Paloma García Romero, has stated that “it is very positive for the city of Madrid to have this park, a new green area in which citizens can enjoy different outdoor activities free “.

Urbanistically, the objective has been that this area is a link between the five existing buildings and that it also serves to link with the nearby neighborhoods through promenades and streets.

In this way, a “green corridor” has been created that connects Calle Monforte de Lemos with Paseo de la Castellana, which will change the area forever, turning Caleido into the green lung of the north of Madrid.

A sustainable park
The development of the park, designed by the prestigious architecture studio Fenwick Iribarren Architects, is part of one of the most important urban projects carried out in recent years in Madrid, and is based on sustainability criteria . In this way, it has an efficient irrigation system, a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), for the collection of rainwater, in order to control runoff from urban areas.

In addition, a Biofilter capture and treatment system has been installed , a totally innovative system in Spain, with the aim of capturing and treating all the runoff from the Park through vegetation and draining pavements, making it possible to fill and maintain the the sheets of water built in Caleido, without the need to spend drinking water.

This water treatment is carried out by a system of aquatic plants and layers of sand that manage to “clean” the captured runoff water. The biofilter will have a scientific use, allowing the collection of data on the quality of the runoff water, before and after the induced treatment, and thus obtain great information for the design of future SUDS in the city of Madrid.

With these criteria of sustainability and commitment to the environment, we have also opted for lighting that reduces light pollution, and pavements in light colors, made of ecological materials and with a high solar reflection index have been used .

Also attending to this criterion of a sustainable and naturalistic project, the park has mainly native and non-native shrub species, 90% of them, and trees typical of the natural landscape of Madrid. Among these natural spaces, stabilized earth paths have been designed so that you can enjoy the environment without stepping on the landscaped areas.

It is a public-private initiative that will make Madrid a more sustainable , greener and more committed place, so that Madrilenians can enjoy nature in the heart of Madrid.

The architectural project
After the completion of the works last June, Caleido is now a reality, it will regenerate and enrich the city of Madrid, fundamentally relying on such important pillars as innovation and sustainability.

Caleido will give life not only to the Cuatro Torres Financial District , but it will also be a reference space for its differentiating and unique offer, placing itself at the forefront of Europe and attracting new talents. It will have a hospital, leisure areas, art, shopping and the university that has already opened its doors this September.

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