Undertaker From ‘Pressing Catch’ To Star In Interactive Netflix Movie

There is a whole niche market in interactive films, capable of moving viewers to choose “their own adventure” . Netflix, as clever as it usually is, has already looked at him a couple of times, being the special chapter of Black Mirror by title Bandersnatch the one that monopolized all the headlines to the detriment of the previous Kimmy vs.

The Reverend , from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt series . With the creation of Charlie Brooker, many were enthusiastic to the point of assuring that it was a milestone in audiovisual history, but the streaming platform was oblivious to these exalted compliments. it has continued to seek productions of the style on its own terms.

Thus, and according to NME , we have gone from the speculative science fiction of Bandersnatch to … a Halloween special starring WWE wrestlers. Last year, World Wrestling Entertainment signed a production contract with Netflix that crystallized in the movie My First Match and now it has been extended to Escape the Undertaker : an interactive fiction that will hit the platform on October 5 as a premature kick-off to its special programming for Halloween.

The protagonists of Escape the Undertaker are the trio of wrestlers known as The New Day, today composed of Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.but having met with former member Big E on the occasion of the film.

The Netflix subscriber will have to decide what its protagonists do to escape from a haunted mansion in which they have been confined by Mark William Calaway , better known as the Undertaker (or Undertaker) thanks to his presence in Pressing Catch .

Because yes, Escape the Undertaker will star the legendary fighter in his first job for Netflix and his return as an actor after announcing that he was retiring from wrestling in 2020, through the docuseries Undertaker: The Last Ride . Calaway is the living history of wrestling (he has worked with WWE for three decades) and the one responsible for Escape the Undertakerbe an essential event for fans of this sport.

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