Critical And Applauded Analysis Of Vicente Vallés On Government’s Measures

The journalist Vicente Vallés has generated a great stir on social networks after this Tuesday he analyzed, at the start of Antena 3 Noticias , the Executive’s new plan to try to contain the unstoppable escalation in the price of electricity. As is usual, his reflection has provoked a wave of opinions of all kinds, even becoming a trending topic on Twitter .

The presenter addressed, point by point, the keys to this matter. “We have been rising for months and the price has not yet reached a ceiling. The Government has presented its shock plan today. Among the approved measures there are several tax cuts in the bill, a cap on the benefits of electricity companies and a regulated rate of natural gas “, he pointed.

In the words of Vallés, “the Government says that this is a shock plan that will reduce the price of electricity in a forceful way. But, as is well known, nothing is free, and at least part of what we do not pay now we’ll pay for it later. ”

The communicator focused on an epigraph of the Executive plan that, since Tuesday, is in the document of the Ministry of Ecological Transition. “In the fifth point, on the limitation of the revision of the prices of the regulated tariff of natural gas, it is said that the decree will avoid the growth of 28% in the next revision of October, leaving it at 4.4%”, advanced.

“This is the good news. The less good news comes just after, when the Government warns us from now on that the difference between that 4% and that 28% will have to be recovered in an acceptable way, he says, in the next reviews, starting in March, “added Vallés.

By way of conclusion, and visibly serious, the presenter highlighted: “This means that today’s savings will be tomorrow’s extra expenses.” A few words after which he gave way to a series of experts who analyzed the consequences of this situation on the public bill, and which caused dozens of viewers to go to social networks to give their opinion on the subject.

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