David Broncano And Actress Silvia Alonso, New Surprise Couple

With the summer still unfinished, a new couple emerges in the universe of the heart. It is the one formed by David Broncano and Silvia Alonso . According to Semana , the presenter and the actress are more than friends – a couple , the publication says – and have spent a lot of time together making various plans lately.

Broncano, in ‘La Resistencia’.
‘La Resistencia’ premieres its 5th season in a new theater, with a change in the ‘look’ of Grison and Broncano’s parents
According to the magazine del corazón, which shows photos inside, the new couple went alone to a concert in Rivas, where they did not stop singing, dancing, hugging and caressing each other .

In addition, as the publication says, this would not have been the only meeting between the two, since they also enjoyed a romantic getaway to the south of Spain a few weeks ago .

According to this medium, Broncano and Alonso are getting to know each other and letting go . Now only time will tell if it is a temporary relationship or will have a future.

Who is the actress Silvia Alonso, the possible new girlfriend of David Broncano
Broncano and Alonso met a little over a year ago, when she was a guest on La Resistencia , a program that he captains. This same summer, the actress went back to the humor space to present her latest film and that was when the spark jumped.

Broncano has had other well-known couples such as the actress Adriana Ugarte or the tennis player Paula Badosa .

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