Interterritorial Council Will Study Increasing The Capacity In La Liga De Fútbol

The Interterritorial Health Council will study an increase of 20% in the capacity allowed in large sports competitions such as the Football League or the ACB League, to raise them from the current 40% and 60%, depending on whether they are indoor or outdoor spaces free, up to 60 and 80% respectively, as Andalusia will propose in the meeting between the Ministry and the communities.

The Andalusian Minister of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda , has referred this Wednesday to the 20% increase in capacity in the stadiums of major sports competitions, which should be in force on October 1, since the current capacity -of up to 40% indoors and 60% outdoors – expires on September 30. As he has said, the decision will be made this Wednesday at the Interterritorial Health Council.

Sources from the Board explain that it is the proposal that Andalusia makes to this meeting, after this Tuesday its committee of experts recommended allowing 100% of the capacity in cinemas, theaters or auditoriums.

The stadiums will return to normal at the beginning of the soccer league and the basketball ACB and will be able to receive the same influx of public that they welcomed before the pandemic, as announced this Thursday by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias. It will be the responsibility of each Autonomous Community to set the capacity allowed in each case, but it is considered to be 100%.

Health and communities raise the capacity of football and basketball stadiums to 60% outdoors and 40% indoors
For its part, the Ministry of Health does not confirm whether the decision will be made this Wednesday. Contrary to what happened when the capacity for September was agreed, this issue is not on the agenda of the Interterritorial Council and the current capacity is in principle 15 days before expiring.

Asked about this question, the Minister of Health of the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has pointed out that already at the end of August his regional government requested that capacity exceeding the current 40-60% be allowed and has affirmed that ” there are requests for the Football League and ACB to continue increasing capacity “.

“It is going to be reviewed, I don’t know if this week or next week ,” said the Madrid councilor.

New capacity for October
This new review of the capacity of mass sports competitions occurs in the midst of the lifting of restrictions in the leisure and culture sectors and is also prompted by the deadline set at the beginning of September by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

Then, the Interterritorial Council approved at the proposal of the Ministry to raise the capacity from 30 to 40% in closed places and from 40 to 60% in the open air, ratios only valid for the month of September. It was agreed that at the end of this month it would be reviewed again in order to raise them even more if so advised by an epidemiological situation that in recent days has led several communities to allow 100% of the capacity of cinemas or theaters and premises of hospitality.

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